Prepare for a Feast and Keep Your Car Protected

As you work on preparing your favorite dish to bring to a holiday party, it's important to consider how you are going to transport the dish from your home to your destination. At Park Rapids Ford, we know you love your car and that you want to keep it clean. Here are some ideas to help keep your car safe from food spills this holiday season.

Put your food into a cardboard box and wrap the food in a towel if it needs to stay warm. Towels can serve several other purposes as well. Towels will protect your car in the event of a spill and keep your food from moving around at the same time.

Watch your driving, especially when braking or taking sharp turns.

If you have a passenger, have them watch the food so it doesn't spill.

Avoid a mess with these few simple precautions. Have fun this holiday season and be safe!

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