This Could Be the Compact You've Been Looking For

There is a lot to admire about how compact vehicles have improved over the years. They have steadily improved in both how comfortable they are to drive and general performance. The 2018 Ford Focus is a shining example of a compact car delivering the performance that drivers want.

There are many features of the 2018 Focus that make it a beacon of performance among the compact car class. If power is a priority, then the Focus RS offers drivers a vehicle the is capable of 350 HP and 165 MPH powered by a 2.3L EcoBoost Engine. The Focus also comes equipped with Torque Vectoring Control which helps the front wheels grip the road better when conditions are slippery or when you take a corner.

There is much more to learn and discover about the 2018 Ford Focus. If you would like to learn and take one out for a test drive, then visit us at Park Rapids Ford in Park Rapids, MN.

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