Performance Features of the Ford Taurus

A favorite for commuters and luxury sedan fans alike, the Ford Taurus remains popular by providing a comfortable driving experience that includes excellent performance both on the highway and around town.

Drivers can opt for a standard 288-horsepower engine with 254 pound-feet of torque in the base model Taurus. This 3.5-liter engine is an automatic that allows the driver to override the transmission to simulate manual gear shifting when desired. The Taurus SHO delivers a 356-horsepower V-6 engine with 350 pound-feet of torque for extra acceleration capabilities both around town and on the highway.

The Taurus SHO also comes equipped with a sport handling package that enhances steering, suspension, shock absorbers, and cornering capabilities. All Taurus models allow drivers to override the transmission with a Sport Mode shifting button located on the gear shift. Use this feature on snowy roads for deceleration without braking or utilize it to downshift for more power when accelerating or maintaining speed when climbing an incline.

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