Avoiding Blowouts Saves Time, Money, and Reduces Risk

Safety is priority one when you are traveling in a car. Blowouts are not only dangerous but also inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive.

The leading cause of blowouts is underinflated tires. It is crucial you are aware of your tire pressure. Most vehicles show you your tire's psi levels on a digital dashboard display. You should also have your tires rotated on a regular basis to ensure even tire wear and tear. If a tire is lacking tread, it's in danger of blowing out.

You should visibly inspect your tire's tread on a regular basis, looking for areas of uneven tread, or areas that are completely smooth. If you detect these characteristics, you must replace your tires immediately. If your vehicle's alignment is off, that could also cause a blowout. Hitting a curb or a large pothole is enough to throw off your alignment.

Rather than risking a blowout, bring your car to our service center at Park Rapids Ford today.

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