What Are Viscosity Numbers?

Internal combustion engines require a thin coat of oil on its working parts to limit damage to moving parts and to reduce heat causing friction. Without the oil to lubricate and protect the moving parts, the engine will seize, and your car will not run.

To ensure that you get the proper lubrication, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) set up a series of tests to measure the effectiveness of motor oil products under different temperature conditions. The test results provide the numbers you see on oil containers like 10W-40.

These numbers inform you of specific test results. 10W means that your oil acts as thin oil at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The W stands for winter, not weight. The 40 means that your oil acts as thick oil at 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Check with Park Rapids Ford in Park Rapids, MN to make sure you are using the correct weight oil for your vehicle.

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