It's Time for a Timing Belt Inspection

Inside your engine, a rubber belt called the timing belt is synchronizing the motion of your crankshaft and camshaft, keeping your engine running smoothly. If the timing belt breaks or fails, your engine will stop working and can become severely damaged. It’s important to have your timing belt regularly inspected and replaced.

Each vehicle has a recommended timing belt replacement mileage from the manufacturer, which can be found in your vehicle’s manual. Usually the recommendation is between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. As your timing belt wears out, it might start to produce a high-pitched noise. You also might notice visible wear on it.

If you think your timing belt is overdue for replacement, it’s best to have a qualified service person inspect it. Having it replaced can prevent engine damage, and keep your vehicle running smoothly. Schedule an inspection with our service team at Park Rapids Ford in Park Rapids, MN today.

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