Introducing the Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology

Over the years, Ford Motor Company has continually manufactured vehicles designed to meet and exceed consumer needs. The 2019 models are no exception. The latest technology available in our Park Rapids showroom includes the Co-Pilot360 ingenuity.

The system was designed to make driving a Ford more pleasurable, safer and easier. The technological features are some of the most advanced available on the market. Whether driving alone or with passengers, the co-pilot provides an extra set of eyes. When backing up, avoid collisions and dangers thanks to the rearview camera.

When a vehicle in the front unexpectedly slows or a pedestrian crosses your path, the braking system automatically engages to keep all safe and free from a potential accident. The technology also warns drivers if they accidentally veer into the wrong lane or when a vehicle hangs in the blind spot. Learn more about the Ford Co-pilot36 technology by visiting us at Park Rapids Ford.

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