Park Rapids Ford is Your Destination for Quality Brake Service

Don't put yourself at risk. Schedule a visit for regular brake service at Park Rapids Ford to make sure you and your passenger remain safe.

Staying on top of brake maintenance is critical to the safety of you and the members of your community. Brake failure can cause dangerous accidents and costly damage to your vehicle. The technicians at the Park Rapids Ford service center can inspect your vehicle's brakes for wear and tear, and repair or replace any issues they find. They can also help you integrate regular brake service into your maintenance schedule.

What Kinds of Brake Services Can I Get at Park Rapids Ford?

We can provide any brake service your vehicle needs, including:

  • Brake Pads Replacement
  • Rotor Replacement
  • Caliper Replacement
  • Replace Brake Fluid
  • Repair Master Cylinder
  • Etc.

When is the Right Time to Get Brake Service

Knowing the right time for brake service depends on a few variables. First, it depends on your driving habits. For example, city driving will wear out brake components more quickly than highway driving. A few easy ways to tell if your brakes need service are if you feel grinding or hear squeaking upon brake pressure, if your brake pedal feels soft upon compression, or if your brake system warning light comes on.

The best way to find out the status of your brakes is to get the system inspected by a technician. You can easily schedule a brake inspection with the Park Rapids Ford service center online or by calling (844) 476-9774.


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